The economy has slowed down some, but, the exiting Truck Driving industry is still hiring and looking for qualified truck drivers.  So, what does the future hold? Do you want to be a Company Truck driver? Or maybe an Owner Operator Truck driver, or how a member of a Team Truck Driving operation or even doing a Lease Purchase for your truck. The options are many and the rewards can be great when you pick the right truck driving career path.  Take time to Bookmark this Site for future use.



Truck drivers are a vital element of our economy.  You see them everywhere when you drive on our interstate systems or even the side roads of most towns and cities.  Our nation and economy depends on this industry to deliver the goods and products that we need to keep our economy producing and productive.  The US Department of Transportation or DOT governs and regulates trucking activities in our country.  Most individual states also have Departments of Transportation.

Depending on the type of trucking job you desire, hours of work are governed as well as working conditions.  DOT governs the interstate long distance drivers and companies.  A long distance driver can drive for eleven hours and may work up to fourteen hours, after having ten off duty hours.  There are other requirements for hours worked in the last 7 or 8 days, etc.  Some truckers have to unload their own trucks while others just have to deliver the goods.

The types and degrees of trucking varies tremendously.  You have local light weight delivery or long distance heavy truck and trailer drivers.  Depending on your wants and needs, the right truck driving job awaits you today.  Truck Driving School is a great way to find the current and quality trucking information that can help you find that job in the trucking industry.

This site can help you find several options to allow you to find the right place to go with your truck driving career search. Like most sites, we can offer you the latest information and news about the exciting truck driving industry here in the USA. The options are many and your choices are unlimited when it comes to picking a trucking company to work for or being your own owner operator for you truck.

The earnings for truck drivers looks favorable at this time.  The BLS of the government shows that in 06 heavy truck and trailer drivers averaged $16.85 per hour.  The highest 10% of this group averaged over $25.00 per hour.  For more statistics and information from the government, please check out the Department of Labor ~ BLS site.  This site has some good information on outlooks and past performance for the trucking industry and truck drivers.

There are many different types of driver types as well as trailer types also. Some of the trailer types include: auto hauler, doubles/triples, dry vans, drop deck, tanker, flatbed, specialized or household goods. You get the idea. You have many different types of opportunities available to you when you decide to be a truck driver.

Finding the right carrier is one of the most important decisions you can make when choosing a truck driving career.  We provide the trucking companies and how to get in touch with those companies.  You do not have to go through a service or middleman to find what you can do yourself online.  You can pick or choose which company you want to talk with and we show you how to go directly to them.


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